Margin Walker

I like the idea of the Margin Walker being someone who wanders in ambiguous, liminal zones, mapping them. Of course, that’s not what the Margin Walker in the song is doing, that character just wants a clear shot; as you can tell from the lyric. This song is so straight-forward as to be boring. Judge for yourself:
You make yourself so beautiful, 
You make yourself so, so beautiful 
And now i feel like i’m going, 
I’m going to set myself on fire. 
I’m going to set myself up at a window, 
This margin walker wants a clear view, 
This margin walker wants a clear shot, 
And now i’m shooting it right on you. 
Untraceable, untranslatable, 
I can’t explain all i ever wanted to do 
Trajectory passing right through me 
Threads my needle sends it right through you. 
You make yourself so visible, 
You make yourself so, so visible, 
And now i feel like i’m in the tread of 
Some bastard jealousy. 
Up here, above the avenue, up here, where 
The things you do, 
They lend me a problem with the language, 
Split my seams and then they drop in a fuse. 

The source of the name of my tumblr is the Fugazi original of this song. Naturally enough, it’s a song I like a good deal — or it would be perverse to draw a title from it. I also like Wild Flag, so this is one of those Two Great Tastes That Go Together situations. I think it works pretty well.

Please note: Even Carrie Brownstein can’t help herself from Doing An Ian.